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Paediatric First Aid

We provide award-winning Paedatric First Aid Courses and training, Nationwide. As part of Skills Training Group, we guarantee the most affordable paediatric first aid training in the UK.

Our First Aid Training Courses

We offer plenty of first aid courses, and the one you attend will depend on your current skill level and job role. From entry-level to professional first aid, we cover a range of topics.
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On-Site Paediatric First Aid Training

Full Time
From £395
0.5-2 day(s)
On site paediatric first aid training at your workplace or venue for up to 12 people. In house first aid training varies from 3 hours to 2 days. On site courses start at only £395 - get in touch today.

Emergency Paedatric First Aid Course

Full Time
1 Day
This course is suitable for EPA (End Point Assessment) for the Early Years Educator and EYFS requirements. Childminders or those working solo on the Compulsory Ofsted Register are required to undertake the Full Paediatric First Aid Course.

Paediatric First Aid Course – OFSTED Approved

Full Time
2 Days
Our Blended Full Paediatric First Aid course combines 6 hours of practical training with 6 hours of at-home pre-course eLearning. This course is accredited by Qualsafe and meets the requirements of OFSTED & CSSIW

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Paediatric Paediatric First Aid

We are experts in first aid and health and safety training, ensuring that your staff receives the highest quality of tuition. Our qualified trainers bring their unique experiences and perspectives to our courses, offering real-world solutions to the issues that arise.
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What Are The Responsibilities Of First Aiders?

A person who has undergone training in paediatric first aid is called to save a child’s life if their life is threatened. They are given the guidance and ability to act quickly. Child first aiders have similar training to those who handle adult situations. They also conduct CPR and place children in the recovery position. The main difference is that most first aid courses teach aiders how to care for adults. Biology and size play huge factors in why paediatric first aiders have a different training focus compared to adult first aiders. Only those versed in this first aid training tend to have the temperament and specific ability to care for children in a medical emergency. They are meant to be the first responders until the ambulance arrives. Here are the responsibilities the graduates of this first aid course are required to perform and know:

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Child Burn First Aid: Essential Steps for Immediate Care

Burn injuries in children are a serious concern due to the delicacy of their skin and the rapid progression of damage that burns can cause. It's critical for parents, caregivers, and educators to understand the essentials of first aid for burns to minimise harm and facilitate healing. Cooling the burn quickly is paramount, and running […]

Child Choking First Aid: Essential Steps for Emergency Response

Choking is a serious and immediate threat to life that can occur unexpectedly in children. When a foreign object lodges in a child's throat or windpipe, it blocks the flow of air, making it difficult or impossible for the child to breathe. In such emergency situations, prompt action can make the difference between life and […]

Child First Aid Kit Essentials: What Every Parent Should Have

When caring for children and babies, preparedness for any minor injuries or emergencies is crucial. A child first aid kit is an essential collection of items that can address the most common types of injuries that youngsters might encounter. These kits are tailored specifically to the needs of children, with appropriately-sized materials and instructions for […]
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